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Suggested NFT Drops

Watch in Full Screen for best impact.

Gold Nugget with Gems

Space Pod

The Golden 'Blob'

Meteorite thru Space

Gold Space Nugget

Organic Space Lifeform

Art Collage


- 3810 Unique pieces thus far

In this collage I have gathered 3810 unique and different pieces of my work. There are probably another 1000+ in various folders but in fear of double exposing them - I am leaving it as such for now.

Short Video


Full image


- (See the  People)

225 people thus far

225 People - Mepeople.jpg

Dr. Martens  Boot NFT's

About 33,700,000 results (Monthly Dr. Martens Boot Searches n Google)

Established in 1945, Dr. Martens remain the innovative footwear of urban individuals. Founder Dr. Klaus Martens created these boots with his soon to be patented air-cushioned sole to help heal his broken foot. Almost 75 years later, Klaus’ invention has morphed into a collection of bold yet simple footwear that transcends culture, and are now popular badges of attitude and fashion.

I have created a series of 14 digital boots.

Digital sneakers have been a big hit on NFT and am sure these may do a great run in and of themselves too.

Dr. Marten - 3.png
Dr. Marten - 4.png
Dr. Marten - 9.png
Dr. Marten - 6.png
Dr. Marten - 5.png
Dr. Marten - 13.png
Dr. Marten - 10.png
Dr. Marten - 8.png
Dr. Marten -  2.png
Dr. Marten -1 (2).png
Dr. Marten - 7.png
Dr. Marten - 12.png
Dr. Marten - 11.png
Dr. Marten - 12.png

Digital Sculptures

Abstract Gold Sculpture
Transparent Gold Bracelet
Ancient  Astronaut
Abstract Gold Creature


Einstein Comes Alive

Marilyn Monroe Comes Alive

Marilyn Monroe

Ink Art

Green Orbs

Watch Full Screen

Purple Orbs

Watch Full Screen

Magenta Dream Orb

Watch Full Screen
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